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Find your next treasure! ArtSea Animal is a long time convention vendor and artist, specializing in all things bright, punny, and even a little seal-y! Whether you’re looking for cute plush, high quality bags, or vibrant apparel, ArtSea Animal has something you will whale-y love!

All art and designs are made entirely by one artist who specializes in a range of nostalgic styles!


We often work with conventions to supply art or product in exchange for a table, and would love to work with your con too!

Below, you can check out some of their past booths of different sizes and shapes, a list of previous vending experience, and details shots of some of our merch!

8'x8' Inline Booth


10'x10' Corner Booth


6' Inline Table

Denfur 2023 Table_edited.jpg

Booth Tour Videos

AC 2023 Booth Tour
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